LOOKING AT TIME is a portrait of SALIM SHARIFF, a 72-year-old watch repairman originally from Bombay, India, now living & working in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, NY. The film profiles Salim's love for America, a country he came to in hopes of a better future, not only for himself, but for his family - most of whom stayed behind in India upon his move here in the early 1980's, and still remain there today. The piece also delves into how the rising rent prices in the greater NYC area have effected Salim, and details how the boom in technology has actually been a detriment to Salim's business, as more people are using their cellular devices to tell time than wrist watches. This is a gentleman, who at the tender age of 72 relies totally and completely on his hands to not only provide for himself but to also help provide for an immediate family, an entire world away. Directed, Photographed and Edited by Brandon Lavoie. 

© Brandon Lavoie